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How to stay out of legal trouble while working as Mumbai escorts?

Being a Mumbai escort and prostitution in general is illegal in most countries of the world. This, however, has not deterred the oldest profession from turning into a booming business. There are literally escorts and prostitutes in every country. There are those who work in agencies and others who are independent. If you want to join the Mumbai escorts workforce, there are several tricks of the business that you have to learn to stay out of legal trouble. If you are not directly committing any crime, then the law cannot convict you of prostitution. So how do you run your business and stay out of a legal crossfire?

Create a contract A contract is important because it is the legal description of your business. When you have a contract, you have legal recourse and can argue the parameters of your business in legal terms. Indicate that your business entails modelling and companionship. Be clear that clients only pay for companionship and not any sexual activities. Also, clarify that any …

2 Erotic Sex Positions Favorite of Mumbai Escorts

Nothing makes a man proud than making it in bed. When a man does a great job in bed, everything else around the world seems easy and doable. But do you know you need more of tricks and understanding the best thing to do than physical strength? Successful sex ordeal is more of what you do best than the strength you put in it.
There are numerous sex styles practiced by different people at different occasions and functions. However, if all you need is to drive her crazy and leave her dazzled and satisfied in all angles. There are different styles and positions that you would go with but below are two main erotic positions that will give you perfect results.
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