How to stay out of legal trouble while working as Mumbai escorts?

Being a Mumbai escort and prostitution in general is illegal in most countries of the world. This, however, has not deterred the oldest profession from turning into a booming business. There are literally escorts and prostitutes in every country. There are those who work in agencies and others who are independent. If you want to join the Mumbai escorts workforce, there are several tricks of the business that you have to learn to stay out of legal trouble. If you are not directly committing any crime, then the law cannot convict you of prostitution. So how do you run your business and stay out of a legal crossfire?

How to stay out of legal trouble while working as Mumbai escorts?

Create a contract

A contract is important because it is the legal description of your business. When you have a contract, you have legal recourse and can argue the parameters of your business in legal terms. Indicate that your business entails modelling and companionship. Be clear that clients only pay for companionship and not any sexual activities. Also, clarify that any sexual encounters with clients fall within the rights of two consenting adults and has got nothing to do with the business.

Suggest that clients donate to your business

There is no law against donations. Indicate that any money that is passed to you from clients is a donation to your business. There is no actual service to be paid for and clients just give a donation as a token of appreciation. 

Do not receive any money directly

Hannah, an independent Mumbai escort was once charged with prostitution when a client directly handed her money. Later she learned that the best way for clients to pay for an escort service without anyone getting into trouble is designating a particular place where the client can drop their “donation” after the session. Flora, a female Mumbai escort suggests a table by the door or a bowl on the mantle. The escort can then ask the client to freshen up in the bathroom as they quickly check that the amount is as agreed upon.

Learn the law while offering Mumbai escorts services

This is a brilliant suggestion if you are going to survive as an escort. Understanding the law especially regarding your business will empower you to know your rights and to be confident when you are working since you know what you are doing is legal. Often, law enforcers will take advantage of escorts who don’t fully understand the range of their rights regarding working in the escort business. Do not allow yourself to be a victim of rogue law enforcers.


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