Mumbai escorts: Can men really be blamed for cheating?

There is little as devastating to a woman as the infidelity of her partner. As she inevitably sinks into the various stages of grief mourning the betrayal of her trust, she is often plagued by feelings of inadequacy as she wonders if she somehow drove him to cheating. We are here to answer this question with an equivocal NO. You, dear woman, are not at all responsible for the poor choices that your man makes, the same way he would not be guilty of your stupid decision had the roles been reversed. In this article, we tell you why you should break free of the bonds of guilt and cast the blame squarely at your man for cheating on Mumbai escorts or any other girls.

Mumbai escorts: Can men really be blamed for cheating?

Every adult is exactly responsible for his/ her action

Irrespective of our sexes, we are all solely responsible for our actions. That is the mark of adulthood. So a man cannot claim to be a man in one breath and refuse to take responsibility for his actions on the next.  According to Pushpa, a female Mumbai escort, all her married clients walk into her “office” with their eyes wide open, well aware of the consequences of their actions. She says some approach her after making a conscious effort to try what they have been missing while “off the market” or because mid life crisis has crept in and they question whether or not they made the right choices.  Whatever the reason, they all walk in conscious. 

Real man will help you lose the baby weight instead of cheating 

Women’s bodies are wonderfully created so as to help in the miracle that is childbirth. Unfortunately, this means that your body will expand, develop stretch marks and cellulite among other not so attractive changes. Men often use this change of state as an excuse to cheat on their wives. The truth is that a caring husband will support his wife throughout the difficult and exhausting process instead of betraying her. Saloni, an independent escort in Mumbai, confessed that one of her regular clients started visiting her after his wife gave birth and gained weight.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and vice versa

Modern patriarchal society attempts to tell us that social expectations has forced unsatisfied men to cheat on their wives due to the stigma attached to polygamy but the truth is that polyandry carries an even more negative connotation. So if it were okay for men to marry more than one woman so as to satisfy all their needs, why is not okay for women to marry more than one man for the very same purpose? 

Mumbai escorts: Can men really be blamed for cheating?

Remember the 80:20 rules? Well, it still applies. Men have an expectation that women will supply one hundred percent of their sexual, emotional and psychological needs and to a larger extent. Women are perpetrators of this fallacy as well. But statistics show that one person cannot fully satisfy the needs of another so what commitments like marriage serve to do is remind us of the sacrificial nature of love (and its humility) when we give up 20% of our needs for the fulfillment of the larger 80%. 

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A man’s attempt to acquire the missing 20% from Mumbai escorts or elsewhere is akin to eating your cake and having it too and worse, his belief that his wife should submissively accept such behavior is simply naive considering the modern concepts of love we have been conditioned with. Wives and girlfriends should absolve themselves of any guilt they may have on this issue and point the finger where it belongs on their cheating husbands.


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